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Does the Elevate program guarantee a successful visa or immigration approval?

While we do offer personalized assistance and support to individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada through the Elevate program, we cannot guarantee a successful visa or immigration approval. The approval of visas and immigration applications is at the discretion of the Canadian government and its agencies, and is based on several factors beyond our control.

However, we provide a comprehensive suite of services focused on facilitating the process of immigration and increasing the chances of success. This includes pre-screening candidates to maximise their likelihood of acceptance, guiding them through the submission of all required documents, and providing advice on how to avoid potential issues or pitfalls. We also help candidates with academic and professional integration once they arrive in Canada, as well as personal development support. We aim to provide the best possible assistance and encourage members to use our expertise to increase their chances of success.

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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